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Advantages of portable energy storage power.


1, plug and play: intelligent integrated lithium battery pack, inverter and solar charging module;

2, super output: with AC output and DC USB and 12V output;

3, super long life: the use of high safety, good stability of lithium iron phosphate battery, durable, charge and discharge cycles ≥1200 times;

4, super light: small weight, easy to carry, easy to store;

5, safe and reliable: aluminum alloy shell with high strength, outdoor use of seismic resistance to fall.

The housing of portable energy storage power supply mainly plays the role of protecting the internal components. In the shell design, it should meet the functional requirements of the device and meet the safety requirements of waterproof, dustproof, seismic, insulation, electric shock, etc., to ensure that the device is qualified, durable, safe and reliable. Portable energy storage power supply is powerful, light and portable, beautiful appearance, built-in large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery pack, lasting life, full of power, is a very convenient online backup mobile power supply.

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