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Requirements for energy storage systems.


There are their own energy storage requirements for different application purposes, but in summary, a good energy storage system has the following characteristics in common.

① The energy stored per unit volume (volume heat storage density) is high, that is, the system stores as much energy as possible. Such as high-energy batteries, because of its energy density is larger than ordinary batteries, the service life is also longer, popular with consumers.

② It has good load regulation performance. When the energy storage system is in use, it needs to adjust the amount of energy released according to the requirements of the energy use side, and the performance of load regulation determines the performance of the system.

③ Energy storage efficiency should be high. Energy storage is inseparable from energy transfer and conversion technology, so the energy storage system should be able to receive and release energy at the maximum rate without excessive driving force. At the same time, the leakage, evaporation, friction and other losses in the energy storage process are reduced as much as possible to maintain a high energy storage efficiency.

④ The system has low cost and long-term reliable operation. If energy storage devices are not economically sound, they cannot be widely used.

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