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How to maintain the lithium battery of electric assisted bicycle?


For an electric bicycle, the battery can be regarded as the "heart", and it is also a key indicator to determine its "how far", which will directly affect the riding life and experience. Lubu Cloud wheel power modification kit accessories simplified, including motor wheels, batteries and controllers, as long as 3 minutes can be easily installed on most bicycles on the market, so that ordinary bicycles to upgrade to electric power bicycles.

It uses an automotion-grade power lithium battery as a key accessory to help drive the power supply operation of the entire vehicle. A single battery capacity of up to 3500mAh, charge and discharge 800-1000 times can maintain 75% of the power, the service life can be extended to 5-10 years. Compared with lead-acid batteries, small size, light weight, although the early price is relatively high, but the later do not need to frequently replace the battery, more cost-effective.

1, battery maintenance and maintenance

If you have a new set of Lv Buyun wheel power kit, after the modification is completed, don't worry about the road! You need to charge the battery before you travel. For example, the KF series of Lv Bu Yun Wheel, the battery is a kettle type design, charging, you can directly take it off the bracket controller charging, about 4.5h, when the charger indicator light green, that is, it has been in a full charge state. Because the electric power kit is on the way to delivery, the battery will have a period of self-discharge, so after receiving it, the first few rides need to be deeply charged and deeply discharged, and the cycle will be repeated several times.

2, the correct use of electric bicycles

Each electric bicycle battery has its service life, usually calculated by the number of cycles of charge and discharge, the smaller the frequency of charge and discharge, the longer the service life, so the correct use of power gear when riding is very important.

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