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Rear Rack E-bike Battery
  • Rear Rack E-bike BatteryRear Rack E-bike Battery

Rear Rack E-bike Battery

RUNCIE POWE CO., LTD. is a manufacturing entity with expertise in Rear Rack E-bike Battery in China. RUNCIE Rear Back e-bike battery embody style, durability, and convenience, and have garnered extensive market recognition. Presently, our Rear Back e-bike battery have reached numerous European and American nations through exports. Our products' core strengths lie in exceptional value for money, robust reliability, and an extended operational lifespan, all aimed at enhancing customers' travel and adventure encounters.

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Product Description

Rear Rack Style: Designed to seamlessly integrate with your bike's rear rack, our battery offers a sleek and practical solution.Robust Waterproof Shell: The sturdy waterproof plastic casing ensures reliable protection for the battery in various weather conditions.LED Battery Indicator: Equipped with luminous LED indicators, our battery keeps you informed about the remaining charge at a glance.Convenient Charging Port: With an easily accessible charging port, recharging your battery is a hassle-free task.Secure Locking Mechanism: The battery installation seat is securely locked onto the bike frame using a key, providing added security.



Product parameters:



Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity


Charging port

DC2.1 /3Pin high current

Discharge port


LED indicator

4 LED lights

Charging current


Charge temperature


Discharge temperature


Waterproof level


Cyclelife 80%D.O.D

>500 TIMES





Environmentally Friendly: Our battery solution is environmentally conscious, offering a sustainable energy source for your rides.High Energy Density: Experience exceptional energy density, ensuring efficient and long-lasting performance.Lightweight Design: Enjoy a lightweight battery that adds minimal weight to your bike, enhancing maneuverability.Low Self-Discharge: The battery's low self-discharge rate ensures that energy is preserved when not in use.

Low Internal Resistance: Benefit from reduced internal resistance, enabling efficient energy transfer.

Extended Cycle Life: Our battery offers an impressive cycle life, providing longevity and consistent performance.Memory Effect-Free: Experience freedom from the memory effect, allowing you to charge your battery without worrying about capacity loss.Safety Focus: Our battery is mercury-free, and its protective BMS system safeguards against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. Each unit undergoes 100% quality testing before shipment.


Company Support:

Reputable Brand: Trust in our established brand reputation, ensuring quality and reliability in every product.After-Sales Support: Our dedicated after-sales support guarantees assistance and guidance whenever you need it.Compliance Certification: Our products meet rigorous compliance standards, ensuring both performance and regulatory adherence.


Production and Research Development:

Robust Research and Development Team: Our expert team is ready to optimize solutions and provide custom services tailored to your unique needs.Diverse Range of Options: This product line offers various models. Customers can choose the model that suits their requirements. For specific inquiries, please contact us via email.


Elevate your electric biking adventure with the Rear Rack E-bike Battery. Experience the ultimate combination of style, performance, and reliability, powering your rides with unmatched efficiency. For manufacturers, suppliers, wholesale pricing, high-quality options, and more, the Rear Rack E-bike Battery is your ultimate choice.

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