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Folding E-bike Battery
  • Folding E-bike BatteryFolding E-bike Battery

Folding E-bike Battery

This RUNCIE Folding E-bike Battery is currently versatile and practical. We are a Chinese manufacturer of high quality Folding E-bike Battery,RUNCIE Folding E-bike Battery epitomizes a fusion of style, durability, and convenience, earning widespread acclaim in the market. Whether you're navigating urban streets or embarking on scenic trails, our Folding E-bike Battery promises an extraordinary ride that adapts to your lifestyle.

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Product Description

Integrated Frame Design: Seamlessly embedded within the bike frame, our battery's design ensures a harmonious and compact integration.Robust Waterproof Shell with Aluminum Casing: The combination of a rugged waterproof plastic shell and aluminum casing guarantees enhanced durability and protection.Convenient Charging Port: With an easily accessible charging port, keeping your battery powered up is effortless.



Product parameters:



Nominal voltage


Nominal capacity


Charging port

DC2.1 /3Pin high current

Discharge port


LED indicator

4 LED lights

Charge temperature


Discharge temperature


Waterproof level


Cyclelife 80%D.O.D

>800 TIMES





Environmentally Friendly: Our Folding E-bike Battery is your sustainable energy solution, offering an eco-conscious way to power your rides.High Energy Density: Experience unmatched energy density, ensuring efficient and long-lasting performance on every journey.Lightweight and Portable: Our battery's lightweight design enhances the bike's portability, making it effortless to carry or store.Low Self-Discharge: Benefit from minimal energy loss during storage, ensuring your battery remains ready for action.

Low Internal Resistance: The battery's low internal resistance ensures efficient energy transfer, maximizing your bike's performance.Extended Cycle Life: RUNCIE Folding E-bike Battery boasts an impressive cycle life, granting you countless rides filled with power and reliability.Memory Effect-Free: Enjoy hassle-free charging without worrying about the memory effect, maintaining optimal capacity.Safety Focus: Our battery is mercury-free and incorporates a protective BMS system, guarding against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. Each unit undergoes rigorous quality testing before shipping.


Company Support:

Reputable Brand: Trust in our well-established brand reputation, ensuring quality and reliability in every product.After-Sales Support: Our dedicated after-sales support guarantees assistance and guidance whenever you need it.Compliance Certification: Our products meet stringent compliance standards, reflecting our commitment to performance and regulatory adherence.


Production and Research Development:

Robust Research and Development Team: Our expert team is primed to optimize solutions and offer custom services tailored to your unique needs.Diverse Range of Options: This product line offers various models. Customers can choose the model that best suits their requirements. For specific inquiries, please contact us via email.


Elevate your electric biking experience with the Folding E-bike Battery. Embrace a fusion of convenience, performance, and aesthetics, powering your rides with unmatched versatility. For manufacturers, suppliers, wholesale pricing, high-quality choices, and more, the Folding E-bike Battery is your definitive choice.

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