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AGV Lithium Battery
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  • AGV Lithium BatteryAGV Lithium Battery

AGV Lithium Battery

Welcome to the forefront of autonomous mobile robotics with Runcie Power's AGV Lithium Battery. In an industry that has blossomed over recent years, Runcie Power stands as a pioneer in providing power solutions tailored for AGVs (Autonomous Guided Vehicles). While many battery manufacturers lack experience in this emerging sector, Runcie Power has dedicated its efforts to explore and accumulate expertise, positioning itself as a explorer in AGV Lithium Battery technology. The AGV industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent times, and Runcie Power has been working at adapting lithium battery technology to this dynamic sector. Our commitment to research and innovation has propelled AGV technology to new heights.

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Product Description

Through strategic collaborations with AGV manufacturers, Runcie Power has harnessed collective industry expertise. Working hand in hand with AGV manufacturers, we have co-developed batteries that are optimized for AGV applications.

As a part of AGV robot, Our batteries work in tandem with AGVs around the world, providing seamless support in a diverse range of environments and operational scenarios, industries. From warehouses to manufacturing facilities, from towing to lifting, our AGV Lithium Battery ensures consistent and reliable power delivery across a wide spectrum of operational scenarios, supporting AGVs in a multitude of work environments. Our AGV Lithium Battery has also past multi-national certifications, like CE, UL, etc., which ensure our products can be used worldwide, even on those areas with highest standard.



Product Advantages:

Impressive Energy Density: OurAGV lithium batteriesoffer an impressive energy density, enabling your AGVs to cover more ground with every charge. This means extended operational hours and increased productivity without the need for frequent recharging.Rapid Charging Capability: OurAGV Lithium batteriesboast rapid charging capabilities, ensuring minimal downtime and quick turnarounds.

Long Cycle Life: OurAGV Lithium batteriesare designed for longevity, with a high cycle life that can withstand the rigors of frequent charge and discharge cycles. This translates to reduced maintenance costs and prolonged battery life.

High Power Density: AGVs often require bursts of power for acceleration and maneuvering. Our batteries offer high power density, delivering the necessary surge of energy whenever your AGVs demand it.

Safety First: Our batteries are equipped with advanced safety features, including overcharge, over-discharge, and temperature protection. You can trust in the safety of your AGV operations.Optimal Integration: Seamlessly integrating with your AGV systems is our priority. Our batteries are designed to seamlessly interface with your AGV's electrical and control systems, ensuring a smooth transition and optimum performance.


Our AGV Lithium Battery is meticulously engineered to cater to the distinct requirements of AGV clients. Whether it's varied operational modes or challenging environmental conditions, our batteries are designed to adapt and excel. Our engineer will check all your requirements and offer their reliable solutions with rich experience on this field. Runcie Power's dedication to innovation and excellence has positioned us as a driving force behind AGV advancements.

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